HD/SD Renderer Comparison


GrimMod 1.1.0: The mod loader
GrimHD 1.0.1: The 2GB HD Asset Pack (or apply the small 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 patch)
Tested on Steam, Steam Deck (Proton), and GOG. See installation notes below.
Or get in touch at [email protected].
Bugs can also be filed on the GrimMod Github repository: https://github.com/TheHexagonCodes/grimmod
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In 2015, Grim Fandango Remastered was released, helping to bring the 1998 classic to modern systems. It brought with it improved models, lighting, sound, controls, and more. However, the source to the original static backgrounds and animations were unfortunately lost and so remained in their original 640x480 16-bit form. This mod attempts to bring the quality of the backgrounds up to match the high fidelity of the rest of the remaster by upscaling them to 2560x1920 with 32-bit color.



  1. Unpack GrimMod.zip and place glu32.dll in the root of the Grim Fandango Remastered directory where GrimFandango.exe is located.
  2. Unpack GrimHD.zip and place the Mods folder in the root directory alongside glu32.dll.
  3. Enjoy the trip!

Note: For GOG, when launching with the "Launch Grim Fandango Remastered" shortcut (like GOG Galaxy does), it's necessary to locate the shortcut in the game folder and set "Properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program as an administrator".

Note: For the Steam Deck, first set the game to run the Windows version by using Proton in the compatibility options.





  • Added GOG support (see installation note).
  • Added Steam Deck support (see installation note).
  • Improved initialization stability with better logging for errors.


  • Initial release.



  • Returned missing people on the right of "st_pinata_crowd" that had been culled due to overzealous stabilization.


  • Initial release.


By creating a grimmod.toml file beside glu32.dll, some options can be tweaked:

Setting Default Effect
mods = true/false true Enable/disable the loading of mods
renderer.hq_assets = true/false true Enable/disable hooking the renderer to load modern image formats (PNG/VP9 MKV) from mods
renderer.quick_toggle = true/false true Enable for instant toggling between the Original/Remastered renderers, disable to restore the smooth transition
renderer.video_cutouts = true/false true Some scenes use videos, which are not yet upscalable with GrimMod, as the entire background image. This option allows GrimMod to manually carve out static chunks of the video, exposing the background underneath. As a somewhat hacky solution it has been given its own toggle if issues pop up.
display.vsync = true/false true Enable/disable forced VSync
display.hdpi_fix = true/false true GrimMod rewrites some of the window handling to always render at native resolution. Since the game's UI natively scales, this should only be a positive but it can be disabled if it causes issues.
logging.enabled = true/false true Enable/disable creation of and writing to grimmod.log with simple logging info, mostly for the purposes of a health check.
logging.debug = true/false false Enable/disable debug logging. This outputs a lot of information per frame, useless outside of debugging/development.


Thank you to all the makers of all the mods and tools I have enjoyed for free over the years. I owe a great debt to the passion projects of others and I hope this mod can repay a small part of that debt :)

And thanks to everyone who worked on Grim Fandango and made it the masterpiece that it is.